Good to know

How you can plan with the Luxon

How many people can the Luxon carry?

That depends upon which setting you choose. A maximum of 20 passengers can travel in the Luxon. In addition, there is our service team.

Is there a minimum number of participants required?

No. For example, for the candlelight-dinner we expect only two passengers.

How is fresh air provided in the Luxon?

The Luxon has an extremely powerful air conditioning system. When required, up to 400 m³ / h of fresh air can be supplied by the system. 400 m³ / h for 20 people gives over five litres of fresh air per person, per second!

Is the Luxon equipped to cater for the physically handicapped?

There are six steps leading up to the panorama section of the Luxon. For this reason, it is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs. However, our service team will do its utmost to accommodate every passenger.

Is it possible to take children along on the Luxon?

Children are our favourite guests and they will be pampered by our service team.

Are pets allowed on board?

Even though we adore pets, for purely practical reasons, it is not foreseen to allow pets on board.

Is smoking permitted on the Luxon?

The Luxon is a non-smoking carriage. Nevertheless, it is possible to pre-plan stops en route to allow guests to enjoy a smoke.

Can I take luggage with me?

We are able to accept smaller bags in the cloakroom, however, for journies where passengers have larger baggage with them, we are able to organize an additional carriage.

Will it not be very warm under the glass dome in summer?

The Luxon has a high-tech air-conditioning to provide a pleasant temperature in both summer and winter.

Will I have reception for my mobile phone in the Luxon?

The reception for mobile phones is dependent upon the national network of the providers. There are currently, in Germany, plans to expand and improve the mobile phone networks to serve the railway routes.

Is WiFi available on the Luxon?

Yes, you have access through the Internet to WiFi.

How can I adapt the Luxon to reflect our Corporate Identity?

Thanks to our up-to-date lighting system, you can choose your colour preference throughout the journey. We can create the same mood in the bar and in the lounge. The entrance area also contains a screen which you can use, for example, to watch entertainment films or presentations.

Is there a service team available on the Luxon?

The Luxon provides you and your guests with a professional, multilingual (German, English, Spanish, etc.) service team from Geisel Privathotels.

Which culinary highlights can I expect on the Luxon?

Both food and drinks will be served according to your wishes, which will be discussed in advance. From simple finger food with a product presentation through to a multi-course menu prepared by the 2 Michelin star chef Tohru Nakamura, all options are open to you with the team from Geisel Privathotels.




Where you can travel to with the Luxon

Which railway networks can the Luxon use?

Due to the liberalization of railroad transportation some time ago, it now possible that also private railway companies can reserve track routes. In a word, we can travel wherever you wish.

Which routes are available?

The Luxon is a high-speed train and is authorized to travel up to 200 km/h. Therefore, we are able to travel on high-speed routes or equally well along the more romantic routes. We can use the railroad networks in the whole of Europe with the exception of Great Britain.

Where is it possible to begin and to end a journey with the Luxon?

Your event can commence and end in any train station. It could be a larger station (perhaps Munich Central Station or Hamburg Central Station, etc.) or just as well a smaller station. It’s also possible to even choose the platform (when allowed).



How to book the Luxon

Is there a standard offer for a journey with the Luxon?

We have not foreseen any standard journies. Since every request is individual concerning its demands and preparations required, we intend to calculate a detailled quotation for your own particular request. Simply let us know what you have in mind!

How is the price calculated?

Your quotation includes all services, the route, catering and all extras (if not stated otherwise).

How and when must I / can I pay for the reservation?

After the journey you will receive an invoice from us, which will be due within 30 days. The due German VAT will be stated independently on the invoice. As far as non-German companies are concerned the appropriate VAT rate, if any, will be clarified and confirmed in writing in advance. New clients or particularly expensive journies require a down-payment of up to 50% of the quotation in advance. The remainder to be paid within 30 days after receipt of the invoice following the journey.

Is it possible to change my booking or, if necessary, cancel my booking?

It is possible to cancel a booking. The costs of a cancellation depend upon the time in advance of the planned journey and actual costs already incurred by the organizer.

How much room is there in the Luxon?

The bar and the lounge are both 5.5 m long and the panorama section is 8.4 m long. The Luxon is 2.4 m wide inside.