An unforgettable travel experience

There are plenty of reasons to take a private trip with the Luxon. To start with, the most important: You will probably never have reached your destination so relaxed, so impressed and in such style! Our domecar brings you in an eco-friendly manner directly to the centre of the city of your destination – to the central station. Of course, the Luxon can also take you to the airport of your choice without the problem of traffic congestion.

Should you decide to take several days to enjoy a luxurious experience in your very own train with all its modern conveniencies, you will, no doubt, very soon feel at home in the Luxon. It’s a place which gives you a very similar feeling as if spending time in a luxury hotel, only with changing scenery. Should you choose to enjoy the prestigious leather premium seats, 11 guests will be able to enjoy them together with their additional spaciousness and their retractable tables. These comfortable and laptop-friendly seats are programmed for three different positions. You can sit upright, in a leaning-back position and thanks to the built-in foot-rest have a restful sleep. Each day you will enjoy the personal route you have chosen and finally arrive relaxed and full of extremely memorable impressions. Our domecar with its electric locomotive is an ideal and alternative way for discerning tourists to travel. Privacy, ecologically friendly and full of experiences, more so than flying.

The extreme comfort and privacy of the Luxon make it the perfect choice to turn travelling into a luxury.