Luxon – The highlight and skylight for your journey

Your domecar for events, conferences, celebrations, ...

You’re on the search for a special location to stage your next event? How about your own private one-of-a-kind train? The Luxon is available upon request, complete with its glass-enclosed panoramic roof section above your seats and powered by an eco-friendly, electric locomotive – your own private excursion train awaits you.

Your guests will be welcomed and entertained in the bar area, in the spectacular observation section as well as in the comfortable lounge, all within one unique and special passenger carriage on rails.

There are four possibilities in which the furnishing of the panoramic deck can be arranged, depending upon your individual requirements. A lavish culinary experience on board is also a tempting option. Whether you’re planning a private get-together or you intend to travel with employees and/or business partners, the Luxon offers you ample room for up to twenty people.

Where should the journey take you? When is the departure date?

Perhaps the most individual and relaxing style to travel

In our impeccably, high-quality fitted vistadome car you will be able to experience and enjoy the charm of this valued jewel of a railroad passenger car, together with all the comforts one would expect.

Take a trip with the Luxon across Europe, wherever you please. You choose the point of departure, enjoy the route you have picked and arrive at your destination as planned. You’ll be able to spend your time in the spacious, glass-enclosed panorama area or move, whenever you wish, down to the bar or retire to the lounge. Our attentive and professional crew is at your service, as are our high-fidelity audio system and our top quality gastronomy. You determine the agenda, we ensure that your experience is not only extremely enjoyable but also unforgettable.

Culinary pleasure by Geisel 

But what turns the most beautiful panorama into an even better highlight? The culinary specialties by Geisel. Depending on the request and the occasion, your private chef from Geisel Privathotels will be available to you. You can book, for example, Tohru Nakamura, a chef with 2 Michelin Stars, exclusively for your event. Together with his crew from Werneckhof by Geisel, he will serve you European dishes with Japanese accents. Chef de cuisine Thomas Kahl from the renowned wine restaurant Vinothek by Geisel is characterized by his down-to-earth cooking. His dishes are influenced by regional and seasonal products, and reflect a range of European cuisine. The cooking style of chef de cuisine Christof Lobnig from the anna restaurant & bar by Geisel is Euro-Asian. His urbane dishes are frequently based on a sharing concept.

Private, business or simply as travel experience

Take advantage of our unique domecar for both your private and your business occassions. It’s possible to vary the style and purpose of the furnishing, even during the trip in the panoramic section of the carriage. Travel in a comfortable conference interior setting when you set off and then enjoy your return journey in a restaurant setting. If you’re looking for that special type of experience, then you should seriously consider a journey with the Luxon – your own individual, special railway carriage with its very own electric locomotive.

Why is the Luxon so special?

There are several panoramic trains. However, they are almost all narrow gauge, which only allows them to use certain tracks, hence have limited routes. The Luxon, on the other hand, is able to travel on all rails in Europe with the exception of Great Britain. Most domecars are, today, to be found on show in museums. Our Luxon is equipped with cutting-edge technology and offers its guests all the expected comforts of today.

In the 1960s the then Deutsche Bundesbahn acquired five domecars to be operated on the TransEuropExpress network. It was one of these cars that later was to become the Luxon. Three of them can be found restored to their original condition in museums and the fifth one is no longer operative. The Luxon, however, has the truly legendary crowd pulling electric locomotive, 103 222, at the helm.

How should one imagine a journey with the Luxon?

You can greet your guests at the railway station of your choice. The announcement board will display the occasion of your journey, making it easy for all guests to readily find the right platform. The professional service team from Geisel Privathotels will already be waiting there with a glass of champagne. They will then cross the red carpet to enter the Luxon. First of all, they arrive in the bar section, where your guests can be greeted with our highly modern PA system. While you are speaking, the Luxon slowly and smoothly pulls out of the station. Afterwards, a multiple course lunch or dinner will be awaiting them in the panoramic section. Our service team will serve culinary delights while the beautiful scenery passes by. The dessert will sweeten the experience of the sunset. Now is the time to relax and enjoy some music of your choice, have a chat in the bar, dance in the lounge or relax in the armchairs and sofa for a longer discussion.

Once the Luxon has reached its destination, you can say good-bye to your guests whilst having a memorable group picture taken. Finally, your guests will then make their way home after a truly unforgettable experience.